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Working on Prison Break Flash

2009-07-25 09:18:25 by Cilmeron

So after having gotten into flash again with my Wall-E Short I'm currently working on a Prison Break Flash. It will be a spoof and it can potentially lead into a series of shorts and/or collabs depending on how well the first short will be perceived. I've already finished a good deal of the plot and though about the basic storyboard.. and as goes for the first part I'm already finished with the design of the main characters.. so I'm expecting the first part to be finished within the next 7 days or so.. it better because by then I will drive to Morocco for a week (yay). Anyway I'll keep you updated (if you're interested anyway)

Working on Prison Break Flash


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2009-07-25 09:39:29

Yey! Will sure look forward to it! :)


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